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Vera Z-Wave Energy Management and Home Control Gateway
Vera can slash your energy bill by 1/3 by making sure your lights, appliances, and heating/cooling systems are on only when needed.nnHome control software for the PC computer is complicated and requires you to leave your computer on all the time using up to 200 watts of electricity... [read more]   [read 8 reviews and see ratings]

Cooper Wiring Devices RFTDCSG Tabletop Controller
Aspire RF Tabletop Controller (RFTDCSG) is required as an installation tool for the programming and configuration of a Cooper Wiring Devices' Z-Wave network... [read more]   [read 2 reviews and see ratings]

Mi Casa Verde VeraLite Home Controller, White and Green
  [read 248 reviews and see ratings]

Mi Casa Verde Vera3 Flexible, Powerful and affordable Home Controller
  [read 84 reviews and see ratings]

2gig CNTRL2-KIT6 Control2 Wireless with AT&T
The latest and most advanced security and home management solution in the industry... [read more]   [read 2 reviews and see ratings]

Nexia BR100NX Home Intelligence Bridge
  [read 41 reviews and see ratings]

Somfy Universal RTS Interface II, 16 Channel
WINDOW COVERING CONTROL MADE SIMPLER... [read more]   [read 2 reviews and see ratings]

INSTEON 2242-222 Hub
  [read 57 reviews and see ratings]

Leviton 99A00-2 OmniTouch 7 Color Touchscreen, Black
  [read 1 reviews and see ratings]

Revolv Smart Home Automation Solution
  [read 53 reviews and see ratings]

SmartThings Hub
The "brain" of your smart home, the SmartThings Hub will instantly connect all of your different home automation sensors, as well as smart locks, lights, outlets, thermostats, and more and let you control them from the free SmartThings app... [read more]   [read 52 reviews and see ratings]

CentraLite On/Off Lighting Control Module Xfinity Home Zigbee 4256050-ZHAC
CentraLite On/Off Lighting Control Module - ZigBee HA Lamp Module nnSpec Sheet: www.centralite.com/pdf/products/4256050_ZHA_Lamp_Module_Install.pdf... [read more]

ENERWAVE Z-Wave 7 Button Scene Controller ZWN-SC7 W/ Two Free Covers, White
The 7-Button Scene Controller(ZWN-SC7) is a Z-Wave scene controller that provides user the ability to launch preset scenes with the touch of a single button... [read more]   [read 2 reviews and see ratings]

Enerwave ZWN-BPC Z-wave Ceiling Mounted, Battery Powered PIR Sensor/W 2 AA batteries
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