3M 10132NA Tack Cloth for $3.58 only!

3M Wood Refinisher's Tack Cloth is single ply and measures 17 by 36 inches. This cloth removes dust, dirt, lint, and other particles to help achieve a super-smooth surface. It won't transfer any adhesive residue. 3M Wood Refinishing Products are a compact line of stripping and refinishing products that can handle almost any imaginable stripping problem. From indoor jobs with limited ventilation to the toughest, years old, multilayer paint and varnish stripping jobs, 3M provides the exact product to make the work safer, faster and easier, depending on the requirements.
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1 Reviews on 3M 10132NA Tack Cloth

  1. D C rated 3M 10132NA Tack Cloth as ★★ and wrote:

    Im finishing my sw1911e grips with tru oil. I got the 3m tack cloth to clean after sanding each layer. The 3m does a good job cleaning the grips but are overly sticky. I have to add another step of buffing off the sticky wax with clean duck cloth before the next layer. Im on the third coat, so far so good.

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