Cleaning/Polishing Brush,1/8" for $4.16 only!

Bristle brush ideal for hard-to-reach places to do light deburring, general cleaning and polishing of silverware, jewelry and other precious metals. Can use with polishing compound. 1/8-inch diameter cup shape.
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4 Reviews on Cleaning/Polishing Brush,1/8"

  1. MurftheSurf "Honest" rated Cleaning/Polishing Brush,1/8" as ★★ and wrote:

    I used this to clean up some spilled putty (3M putty plus) in a corner of window. The brush fell apart in 20 mins. Perhaps I wasasking it to do something more heavy than it was designed to do-will move on to my steel brush and see if that works. I wouldonly use this brush for the lightest of tasks.

  2. Dennis rated Cleaning/Polishing Brush,1/8" as ★★★★★ and wrote:

    This brush is a low abrasive quality, say on the order of 1000 grit, so, you remove very little material from what you are cleaning. Couple this brush with some fine grit cleaning compound, low speed on your tool and you have a fine finishing/polishing kit. As with all small tools of this type, people tend to force the tool beyond its design limits and reduce its working life dramatically. Always let the tool do the work and you will have a happy experience, force it and it will be a waste of money as it will not last long.

  3. gray-eagle rated Cleaning/Polishing Brush,1/8" as ★★★★★ and wrote:

    I bought these to clean the primer pockets of shell casings that the corn media does not handle. Anal probably but you need to be that way to be a successful reloader.

  4. B. Amonette rated Cleaning/Polishing Brush,1/8" as ★★★★ and wrote:

    I have been reloading ammunition, and having difficulty cleaning the primer pockets. After trying a dozen different tools, I decided to try the Dremel with a polishing brush. Perfect! The pockets are clean quickly, with little effort, and without scratching or removing brass from the pocket. My only complaint is that the brush wears away fairly quickly (say a new brush every 500 rounds or so.

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