Jet 709539 3-Inch Table Insert for JBOS-5 Sander

This Jet Table Insert is a useful addition to your JET oscillating spindle sander (#708404), giving you a tabletop fill for supporting your work-piece and keeping it flush with the sanding sleeve. Attachment and removal is easy, and the single-nipple drop-in device allows you to consistently install the insert in the same position every time. This table insert measures 3 inches and is intended for use with a 3-inch rubber drum.
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1 Reviews on Jet 709539 3-Inch Table Insert for JBOS-5 Sander

  1. Bob Feeser "" rated Jet 709539 3-Inch Table Insert for JBOS-5 Sander as ★★★★★ and wrote:

    At first impression you are tempted to buy the optional 3" spindle for the Jet Benchtop Osciallating Spindle Sander, and skip the table insert. If you are only doing larger pieces it is possible, but the insert is an important fill to the table top.All of the spindle inserts are easy to change, since they are only a drop in device with a single nipple so they go in the same every time. Several inserts come with the unit to keep the work support right up to the edge of the spindle sanding sleeve. The 3" shouldn't be any different and that is why this insert is a good idea as well. Highly recommended.

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